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2. To know if the blanket will help keep my horse warm enough
The answer to this question is dependent on how much fill is in the blanket. This determines how warm the blanket should be. The fill can be either Polyfill or Fiberfill and is measured in grams. The higher the weight number, the warmer the blanket will be. Determining a desirable weight depends on your horse’s environment and the condition of your horse’s coat. Besides the climate, also keep in mind if your horse grows a light or heavy coat, is body clipped mid-winter, is turned out with or without shelter, or kept in a barn. These are all factors in determining which blanket fill to choose.
Fill Warmth
Sheet - No fill Provides protection from the wind and rain
100 Gram Fill Light Warmth
150 Gram Fill Light/Medium Warmth
200 Gram Fill Medium Warmth
250 Gram Fill Medium/Heavy Warmth
300 Gram Fill Heavy Warmth
400 Gram Fill Extra Heavy Warmth

Temperature Horse with Natural Coat Horse that is Body Clipped
50-60 Degrees Sheet Light Blanket (100g)
40-50 Degrees Light Blanket (100g) Light/Medium Blanket (150g-250g)
30-40 Degrees Light/Medium Blanket (150g-250g) Medium/Heavy Blanket (200-300g)
20-30 Degrees Medium/Heavy Blanket (200-300g) Heavy(300-400g) or Medium (200-300g) with Blanket Liner
Below 20 Degrees Heavy (300-400g) Heavy (300-400g) with Blanket Liner

3. Measure your horsefor the Blanket

Start by standing your horse as square as possible on a flat, even surface.Next, place the tape measure at the center of the horse’s chest, over the highpoint of the shoulder. With the tape measure held in place on the chest, run italongside the horse’s body until you reach the rear of the hind leg. For themost accurate measurement, keep the tape as straight as possible along the sideof the body without following the contours of the horse’s body. If the lengthfalls on a size not offered by the blanket company, then simply round up to thenext available size being offered.


4. Cleanmy horse’s blanket

Wash it with a mild detergent and then hang to dry.



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